The scenery reminds you of rumors you've heard about the old hideout here called the Deadmines. Rumor has it that the base used to belong to an organization called the Defias that terrorized the surrounding area. If the base still has any of the Defias's legendary possessions in it, that could explain the tension here...though the scarecrow-like, inactive harvest watchers that lurk in corners here could achieve that effect by themselves. Upon closer look, you also notice that you're being followed. You can make out the hulking silhouette of an ogre, a few human thugs, and a figure who seems to be cloaked in shadow. Whoever's following you, they don't seem friendly. If you let them keep at it much longer, there won't be any way to avoid confronting them.

Leg it for the way you came. You got what you came for. Time to run. Keep moving forward. Your job here isn't done yet.

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