You move into a bit of a better position to hear what the thugs are saying, hopefully without them noticing you as well. The nearby building wall helps a lot in that latter part. "...and the Idiot Brigade," one of the thugs is saying, "is only HALF composed of idiots, contrary to what you might expect. The rest just don't pay attention or don't have the proper authority." "Huh," says another one of them disappointedly. "I was hoping that they were all idiots. That would have made things easier for us when we attack Sentinel Hill." "Well," says a third, "it's fine anyway. As long as that moronic Captain Alpert is in charge, nobody'll notice the juggernaught that Helix's guys are building in the back of the Deadmines." "Yeah," says a fourth, "I mean, this is the town that paved over their eponymous brook, so what do we have to worry about here?" The third thug looks around just in case. Unfortunately, the building wall didn't protect you quite enough. The first notices the third's gaze. "What we have to worry about," he announces dramatically, "is THAT MAN!" So much for stealth. And you trusted that wall. You make a mental note to seek revenge should you cross paths with that traitorous wall again. Regardless, you still need a plan for right now:

Bluff the thugs to give yourself time to come up with a better plan. ATTACK!

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