INTRODUCTION "We leaned on Furlbrow and got his deed. Thought it might be handy if you wanted to forge one of these for your own place. The Furlbrows won't give us trouble. Last I saw, they were on their way out of Westfall, stuck with a broken wagon." These are the words you've just read in fresh ink on the back of a deed, held by you on a hill in Elwynn. Your name is Kallen Stanner. You are a warrior of the kingdom of Stormwind, someone of little reputation and ambitions unknown to any besides yourself. While you've thought of learning to teach others how to be serviceable warriors in their own right, you gave up on that to realize your own goals…goals that see you reading this deed in Elwynn Forest. Having finished reading the deed, you decide to investigate. You could let someone else know about this, but the information is too shady to expect anyone else to act on.

Best to deal with this yourself.

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